Does Anybody Hear Me?

Does Anybody Hear Me

How Leaders Communicate So People Will Listen


It’s amazing that something that seems so simple on the surface can go wrong so easily.  Communicating so that others will listen is a combination of art and science.


In this book, I share some simple, yet effective techniques

  • Communicate so people will listen
  • Give effective feedback
  • Listen actively
  • Communicate in conflict and pressure situations
  • Conduct effective meetings


Building Bridges to Agreement:  The Art of Principled Negotiation

Building Bridges to Agreement: The Art of Principled Negotiation

Each of us negotiates every day. We negotiate with family members on what, when and how necessary work will be done. We negotiate with our colleagues on allocation of various resources, with our managers and staff and with clients.


Despite the fact that we negotiate regularly, many people dislike engaging in negotiations. It seems that they are caught in a dilemma: they can get the most for themselves by being tough or they can be conciliatory and give away too much.

Many of us are familiar with negotiations where in order for one side to win, the other side must lose. The problem with competitive negotiation is that we can jeopardize relationships with colleagues, clients or family members, and the solution may not last.


Most people want to participate in decisions that affect them. Principled negotiation allows us to create solutions that help both parties win and build and strengthen relationships.It is a way to influence others and have our needs met even when we do not hold position power.


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