Dealing with the Unexpected

The Future Will Reward Clarity and Punish Certainty. 

 Bob Johansen   New Leadership Literacies

These are not easy times.   Leaders wrestle with questions where there are no simple, obvious answers.  In complex environments executives must boldly move from established best practices into new, uncharted territory. They must be curious, experiment and adapt while maintaining alignment with their values.



The rate and volume of the unexpected creates stress and wears us down.  We need to build our muscle of resilience to unexpected changes.

Here are some characteristics that will help leaders and organizations thrive when dealing with the unexpected and ambiguous

  • Be curious, rather than right.  
  • Explore various scenarios
  • Be clear on where you’re going and flexible in how to get there
  • Determine what must be done and what can be left out
  • Create realistic hope

We all need to get better at adjusting to rapid change. It’s not possible to predict specific events so it’s important to watch trends. Read widely, challenge your thinking and become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

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