Leading in Difficult Times

  • Has the pandemic affected your organization and your industry?
  • Are you dealing with the fears and concerns of your staff and customers?
  • Does it seem that everything is slipping out of your control?
  • Are you finding it difficult to maintain your focus and balance in this unpredictable, complex time?


These are not easy times.   It’s critical for leaders today to take care of their people first and address their emotions.  When people are consumed with confusion, fear and anxiety, they are reluctant to take action and creativity and innovation suffer.


Leaders wrestle with questions where there are no simple, obvious answers.  In complex environments executives must boldly move from established best practices into new, uncharted territory. They must be curious, experiment and adapt while maintaining alignment with their values.


This requires leaders to create a crystal clear vison of their leadership success, focus on important goals and apply their limited time and energy for maximum impact.

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