Power Coaching

Powerful coaching

Power Coaching with Mind Kinetics (PCMK™)


  • Do you want to excel in your personal and work life?
  • Are you a new leader over whelmed by your role?
  • Do you need to communicate with others in ways that resonate?
  • Would you like to manage conflict in positive ways?

Leaders today wrestle with questions where there are no simple, obvious answers.  In complex environments, executives often don’t know what the outcome is that they desire. 


Access a proven methodology to focus on what matters most and move forward on your issues. Create lasting, sustainable results with a solid framework and scientifically proven tools.

  • Create a crystal clear vision of leadership success
  • Know where to apply your limited time and energy for maximum impact
  • Focus on important goals
  • Develop new skills, solve problems and reduce stress
  • Make solid decisions


Coaching takes courage and a willingness to change.  PCMK ™ will help you reach your goals in a limited time.  Clients are amazed at how quickly they can create permanent, positive change.


What is coaching?

  • Coaching is an interactive, results-oriented, enlightening process that empowers you to move forward and act in alignment with your values.
  • Coaching allows you to live a happier, healthier and peaceful life, while maximizing your personal and professional potential.


Why Choose PCMK™?


Power Coaching aligns your three intelligences, courage, compassion and creativity, to generate lasting change and open up possibilities.  You begin to focus on what matters most and move forward on your goals and issues.


Power Coaching is holistic.  It gets to the root cause of an issue, goal or challenge. You have new tools to be your best self and manage your life, career and future.  If you’re stuck, there generally is a good reason.


Power Coaching is based on quantum physics.  Results are powerful and permanent. Emotions that are blocking your thinking are released, which reduces stress and leads to clearer thinking, emotional intelligence and creativity.


Power Coaching creates lasting change to your executive brain by establishing new neural pathways.  Your brain becomes more open to learning, visioning and growth. This leads to ongoing, sustainable change in your thinking and behavior.


Power Coaching helps you live a happier, healthier life in body, mind and spirit because it uses the power of your unconscious mind, which is many times more powerful than your conscious mind.


Power Coaching is future focused and action oriented. At the end of each session, you will set goals to move yourself forward.  The insights to help you set your goals will come to you during a coaching session.