I hired Catherine Armstrong to coach me as I had set my sights on achieving a particular professional goal. I am in the helping professions, and noted that although I am behind my clients 100% as they strive for what is important to them, I had a tendency to drop the ball when driving forward towards my own professional goals.

I found Catherine to be non-judgmental in her calm stance with me as her client; gentle, yet unstintingly thorough in her listening and questioning techniques. The coaching relationship cleared space in my psyche for me to create foundation-building habits and tools, and has resulted in increased clarity and innovative thinking, peace, joy and purpose. (And I surpassed my original professional goal!). Thanks Catherine, this is the kind of working partnership that gives “coaching” a reputable name!

Susan Sneath


Although many of us had participated in presentations describing communication styles and the impact of individual’s styles on organizational culture, none of us had previously experienced the impact that Catherine’s presentation achieved.  To this day I will have staff in meetings talking about the impact of the presentation and how they utilize the information regarding the difference communications styles in their interactions.

Donna Hutton RN, Med

Executive Director

Alberta Association of Registered Nurses



Thanks so much for helping us through a painful part of our journey.  You made it safe, fair and effective.  Everyone is grateful for your contribution.  They get it now!

Claudette Pelletier-Hannah

Hearts of Mid-Edmonton



Thank you very much, Catherine.  We can really feel the energy that you put into your work. I reviewed the evaluation and commentaries from each one of my staff and co-workers and I’m amazed to see how they feel this workshop has helped them in many ways.  Some of them had to work harder due to the work time lost, but you know what: they all think that it was worth the effort.

Richard Fallu

Building Supervisor

Alberta Teachers’’ Association



Catherine: the picture I have of you is of a cooling bubbly stream feeding the hungry questioning minds that come to you with nourishment, truth, honesty and the comfort of knowing you’re always safe to return to.

Participant at workshop